I bring a complete approach to mortgage solutions. Allow me to help you secure the funds you need to advance major life goals and build wealth.

Whether you’re buying your first home or your third, paying off high-interest debt or investing your money for retirement or your lifestyle, I provide full-service solutions with access to a complete range of competitive interest rates from major banks and alternative lenders.  

As your partner on the inside, I can connect you to all your required professionals and service providers, including Real Estate, Law and Insurance professionals, to simplify and streamline your entire financing process.

Here are just some of my professional qualifications and affiliations:

  • Spanning over twenty years, several roles within the financial services industry, supporting client and growth initiatives, and in national business development with two of Canada’s largest financial institutions. 
  • Member of Mortgage Professionals Canada, the national mortgage broker channel association representing the largest and most respected network of mortgage professionals in the country.
  • Powered by Canada’s award-winning leading mortgage company Dominion Lending Centres – Forest City Funding, the largest mortgage brokerage in Canada.

Many people deal directly with a bank to secure their mortgage financing, but banks can be inflexible and offer limited mortgage products. I’m your go-to whether or not your bank is an option!

I offer competitive interest rates and diverse product choice with access to over 121 lending institutions (major banks, credit unions, trust companies, and private lenders). I give you the power to choose from the best financing options available so you can get the funds you need with ease and convenience. My approach is a confidential, personalized (and virtual) experience, bringing you the perfect blend of secure electronic convenience paired with human expertise.

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Move forward with confidence. No waiting lines or inconvenient appointments — times have changed and there’s a better way. In most cases, my services come at no cost to you — I’m paid a finder’s fee by the lending institution that’s best suited for you.

Get in touch! Email me, request a callback, or arrange a Zoom meeting to experience approachable, client-centric service from start to finish.

A little more about me…an evolving introvert, I’m known to appreciate personal organization and interior decor — some would even say it’s an obsession. I’m an ethical vegan and a highly regarded self-proclaimed chef… when I’m not supporting local restaurants. I have a long history and refined love for music and the arts, the culmination of diverse influences and experiences going back as far as I can remember. Music is my life’s soundtrack, complementing a focussed work session, conversation, or drive around the city. Unwind to some of my handpicked favourites below: