I offer a smooth virtual experience so we can work together from the convenience of your own space. Whether you are buying a new property, have a renewal coming up, or want to access equity from the property you already own, the following process is an overview of what you can expect throughout our time working together:

  • Get in touch Complete the mortgage application Provide photo ID Review & digitally sign onboarding documents.

  • Provide me with your supporting documents Get pre-approved!

  • I work behind the scenes to determine the best lender option(s) for you I advise You instruct Your lending institution is selected.

  • If you’re purchasing a new property Secure a rate-hold (If applicable) Find the perfect one for you Submit an offer, and if accepted Your application is submitted for review and approval.

  • If your existing mortgage is coming up for renewal or you’re refinancing  We’ll review your mortgage and property details Determine the best way to meet your goals Your application is submitted for review and approval.

  • Sign mortgage documents securely and virtually.

  • Satisfy all lender conditions Order an appraisal (If applicable).

  • Meet with your Lawyer.

  • Closing Day Funds advanced & Received!

Get in touch! Email me, request a callback, or arrange a Zoom meeting to experience approachable, client-centric service from start to finish along with access to all your required professionals and service providers, including Real Estate, Law and Insurance professionals, to simplify and streamline your entire financing process.